The Big Impact Group (B.I.G.) is made up of Big Brothers, Big Sisters and other volunteers who want to help BBBS.

The B.I.G. aims to support BBBS programs by engaging our network of Bigs, recruiting volunteers, and raising funds.

The B.I.G. is a diverse collective of dedicated men and women who volunteer their time, talents, and energy to support BBBS of Central Texas’ mission, further its programs, and establish themselves as future leaders for BBBS.


  • Engage our Network of Bigs – Provide opportunities for Bigs to engage with each other and the agency to strengthen matches and build community among our network.
  • Recruit Volunteers – Support efforts that raise awareness and enlist new Bigs, especially male volunteers.
  • Raise Funds – Give and/or solicit financial support for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas’ mission and programs.

Member Accountability:

*Members are required to complete #1 and either #2 or #3*

  • 1) Annual Personally Meaningful Donation– Determined by individual; BBBS can offer recommendations (Monthly Gamechanger, one-time opportunity, etc.).
  • 2) Give/Get $1,250– This is the cost to start and maintain a BBBS match for one year.
  • 3) Non-Monetary Impact– Provide resources, connections, and engagements that are of value to BBBS/B.I.G.
    • Recruitment of B.I.G. Members.
    • Recruitment of volunteer Bigs, present at Info. Sessions, etc.
    • Planning events, volunteering time, other opportunities TBD.


Members are strongly encouraged to attend a majority of B.I.G. meetings and events.

Recognition & Networking Opportunities:

Throughout the year BBBS and the B.I.G. will partner to provide opportunities to engage members with BBBS and community leadership, groups of Bigs, and supporters.

How can I join?

To find out more or to get involved, call 512-807-3616 or email Christina Snell at csnell@BigMentoring.org.

How can I stay up to date with BBBS activities and events?

BBBS holds a variety of events for matches throughout the year. Subscribe to our newsletter or visit our Events page to learn more.