Krispy Kreme gives BIG this summer

This summer just got a lot sweeter. Jennifer and Randy Willard, the local owners of Krispy Kreme Texas locations, are dedicating the entire month of August to our kids. Not only will they be fundraising at their Austin and San Marcos stores, but they’ll also be giving a FREE donut to every Big and Little! 

Jennifer Willard, her team and yours truly at the Krispy Kreme off 183 — kicking off the month with a donut cake!

Krispy Kreme has partnered with us for years and they raise a lot of dough (pun intended). Their staff asks each customer to give $1 to support our kids  and they also accept donations at their “spare change buckets”.

Over the years, they’ve raised thousands of dollars — and their team will serve up more than 2,000 free donuts to our matches this month alone. (Note to Bigs: Coupons can be picked up at the office front desk, just stop on by!)

When I met Jennifer and the Krispy Kreme team today – they gave us a warm welcome and a glorious, custom donut cake! They were thrilled to be champions for the mission and we couldn’t ask for better partners.

If you stop by a Krispy Kreme location, please help us thank them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #Krispy4Kids and mention @bigmentoring.

Free Donuts. Two of the most beautiful words in the English language. Every match will get two tickets for free donuts so they can enjoy an outing at Austin and San Marcos Krispy Kreme locations.

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