Life is about sharing new experiences : Hobie Day 2013

Even if you’re  like me (I get seasick looking at a cup of coffee) – you still love Hobie Day. It’s one of our most unique events and a favorite among Littles, Bigs and families. Nearly 100 Little Brothers and Sisters sailed the waters of Lake Travis last weekend, accompanied by their Bigs and family members.

Most would probably agree that life is about experiences — trying new things and opening your mind to possibilities. For our kids, Hobie Day is one of those times where they get to try something new: sailing on a beautiful Texas afternoon with good friends.

It was a gorgeous day on the lake, with free catamaran rides from our friends from the Austin Cats, and matches enjoying the sun on their faces and wind in their hair.

Brothers setting sail on a catamaran.
Photo credit: Michael Salum, Tilted Pix

Bury & Partners made Hobie Day possible this year, and Kind Snacks also made sure everyone got a healthy snack after taking a ride on the water – huge thanks to all of them.

If you missed the event, check out the short video below. We’re already looking forward to Hobie Day 2014 – are you? How many Hobie Days have you been to?

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