Matches Set Sail at Hobie Day 2019

The sun beat down on the caliche shores, the temperature climbed to over 100 degrees, but Bigs and Littles stayed cool as they played in the lake and sailed on the wind at Big Brothers Big Sisters’ 2019 Hobie Day. Hundreds of matches and their families turned out to enjoy the water and a fun day of riding on catamarans on Lake Travis.

“Best. Hobie Day. Ever,” said Joe Strychalski, Vice President of Programs at BBBS. “This annual event is a great opportunity for Bigs and Littles to experience and learn about sailing. For many Littles, it’s their first time on a boat. Special thanks to the AustinCats and Young Men’s Service League for helping to make this day possible for our kids, volunteers and their families.”

There were games of Jenga and corn hole, and matches enjoyed pizza while awaiting their turn on the sailboats. Some even brought snorkel gear for an underwater adventure.

Big Brother Wasim and his Little Brother Jacob had a great time riding on the boats. “My favorite part was when they let me hang off over the edge of the boat,” said Jacob. Riders are given the chance to be tethered off the side of the boat in a safety harness which provides the sensation of skimming over the water.

For many matches, the day was their first experience on the lake. “This was our first time attending Hobie Day and it has been really fantastic,” said Big Brother Sean. “We enjoyed having pizza and going into the water.” At which point his Little Brother Kendrick chimed in, “And once I’m in the water, you can’t get me out.”

The pair said they also enjoy going fishing and doing other outdoor activities. “We just like to get together and make an adventure of it on Saturdays,” said Sean. “This is terrific having an opportunity to be out in the water all day.”

Hobie Day is also one of the few BBBS-organized events where Bigs and Littles get to spend time with the Little’s family members as well. Something Big Brother Matt and his Little Brother Abdullah really enjoyed. “We have a large party of family here today,” said Matt, who added with a laugh, “Abdullah had fun splashing his little sister throughout the boat ride. I was hoping to stay dry, but as you can see, I was not too successful. I’m completely soaked.”

Despite the soggy ride, Matt appreciated the event. “I’m so glad you all have an outing such as this one,” he said. “For Abdullah and his sister, it was their first time on a catamaran and they had a great time.”

Such fun would not be possible without the help and dedication of a lot of volunteers. The AustinCats supplied catamarans and provided the boat rides throughout the afternoon. They also spent time preparing for and hosting the event.  In addition to the boat crews, volunteers from the Young Men’s Service League Westlake Chapter and Cavalier’s Chapter helped with tasks like equipping attendees with life jackets, assisting people as they got onto the boats and cleaning up after the event.

Howard Barnett, owner of Zilker Boat Rentals, also provided life vests for our families and volunteers so that they could ride the boats safely.

Thanks to everyone who made this such a special day for our matches!

See photos of Hobie Day 2019 here

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