BBBS’ Bowl for Kids Spazmatics Concert

In line with our 2023 ‘Saved by the Bowl’ event theme, we partied like it was 1999 at this year’s first Bowl for Kids’ lead-up event.

Friends and bowling teammates joined us at Speakeasy for a concert to help raise funds toward our BFK goal.

It was a blast from the past on March 29th as the Austin cover band, The Spazmatics, played classic hit songs including ‘Just Can’t Get Enough,’ ‘You Spin Me Right Round,’ and ‘Footloose.’

Known for their new wave 80s and 90s cover music, The Spazmatics had the audience dancing and singing all night long!

Maddison Ellis, BBBS Development Manager of Events, worked with Speakeasy to coordinate the partnership and oversaw our presence at the concert.

“The Spazmatics concert was an absolute blast,” said Maddison. “The Speakeasy staff worked hard to make sure everyone knew BBBS was present. Attendees had a fantastic time listening to the music and hanging out with friends. Everyone who stopped by our table was excited to learn more about BBBS and how they can help with Bowl for Kids.”

Thanks to Speakeasy for donating a portion of ticket sales to BBBS, and to The Spazmatics for putting on a great show.

We hope to see everyone bowl the competition away at our upcoming 40th Annual Bowl For Kids event April 21-22!

See our event photos here.

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