Big Futures Program Welcomes New Partners

Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Big Futures Program exists to help BBBS mentees transition to young adulthood as they graduate high school and prepare to enter the workforce, enlist in the military, or adjust to college life.

And now, Big Futures is pleased to welcome and introduce several new partners!

Park University, a liberal arts institution, has pledged to help our mentees and staff further their educational goals.

By offering a 10% discount on undergraduate and graduate degree programs, a waived student application fee, and a ‘student success coach’ for each student, BBBS students will be more than prepared for the first steps of their academic journey at Park University.

Park University offers courses at their flagship campus at Parkville, Mo., at 41 other campuses across the U.S., including Austin, and online.

Strive & Inspire Development (SID) Centers, Inc. is a mentoring program aimed at developing, encouraging, and guiding adolescents as they grow into adulthood. Mentees build their skills and strengths in areas such as leadership, finance, physical and mental health, spirituality, and self-worth.

Through a new working agreement with BBBS, SID Centers will now provide their services to BBBS’ Big Futures mentees and high school Littles. With access to a support phone line, events, special workshops, and more, our Bigs and Littles will have an even stronger support system.

Thank you to Park University and SID Centers, Inc. for helping to create bigger, brighter futures for our mentees and staff! We’re excited to work together.

To learn more about Park University or SID Centers, Inc., visit or

For questions about Big Futures or about our Big Futures partnerships, contact Christina Eisenlord at

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