Bigs of the Year

Every year, we recognize a Big Brother and a Big Sister for their commitment and dedication to the program – both as great mentors and also as advocates for the mission. We’re thrilled to announce the Central Texas Big Brother and Big Sister of the Year are Hector Perez and Meghan Hughes.

Hector, Meghan and the other 1,000 Bigs in Central Texas are making a profound impact on our community every day. Please help us congratulate (and thank!) them in the comments.

Meghan Hughes, Big Sister of the Year

Meghan and Kendry

Meghan and Kendry

Meghan says she became a Big to create a “long term relationship that is completely unique.” Now, almost three years later, she’s forged an amazing bond with her Little Sister, Kendry. Their first outings consisted mainly of having lunch at Kendry’s school, but they became fast friends and now embark on weekly adventures out in the community.

“I truly have learned so much and am honored to be a Big and to have a Little that believes in me and cares about me as much as I do for her,” Meghan says.

A shy child, Kendry recently tried something different and joined a summer music camp for girls. By the end of camp, 10-year-old Kendry was rocking the bass, made lots of new friends and had a wonderful experience — thanks to the encouragement she received from Meghan.

“I hope my relationship with Meghan will be around for a very long time,” Kendry says. “I’m excited to go to college and to know that Meghan will be there for me and see me graduate.  It will be fun to be friends for life.”

Somehow, we know they’ll be just that — friends for life.

Hector Perez, Big Brother of the Year

Hector and Gabriel

Hector and Gabriel

About three years ago, Hector met his Little Brother, Gabriel.  Hector describes Gabriel as a “kind and generous soul” and he strives to help Gabriel see how big the world truly can be.

“When I travel abroad for work, I try to give Gabriel some details of the country I am heading to and teach him about living in a global environment.  I try to teach him that there is so much more life out there to explore,” Hector says.

Gabriel has been absorbing these lessons along the way and learning a lot from his mentor. Not only did he have a blast visiting Hector’s office at Dell on “Family Day,” but he’s also a history buff who can recite the first 24 US presidents by heart!

Together, they are a dynamic duo and some of their favorite activities include playing chess and laser tag. Regardless of what activity they choose for their outings, Hector says one of the most important things for 10-year-old Gabriel is consistency and confidence.

“In today’s society, we have the responsibility to ensure the young men in our community have the proper guidance in life and know there are other men that can and will support them, even if life is not always fair,” he says. “I am honored to be the Big Brother of the Year and I am even more honored to be Gabriel’s Big Brother.”

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