Meet Meg Sweeny – Our New Volunteer Engagement Manager

Meet Meg Sweeny – Our New Volunteer Engagement Manager

It would be easy to say she was destined to work at Big Brothers Big Sisters, because Margaret “Meg” Sweeny had several influences in her life that seemed to direct her to BBBS. Serving as BBBS’ new Volunteer Engagement Manager, Meg is ready to start recruiting mentors so that even more kids can get the life-changing support they want and need.

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Meg grew up in a household with a large extended family nearby. “My grandma was social justice-minded and ahead of her time,” said Meg. “She was always fighting for people who couldn’t or didn’t have a voice in society.”

Meg attended Kansas State University to get an undergraduate degree in social work. She began interning with local non-profits, including a day shelter and a vocational training program for youth.

“My sister moved to Austin when she graduated from college,” said Meg. “The first time I visited I went to ACL for a day, went to Banger’s, and listened to live music. So, from the first time I visited I knew I was going to move to Austin. It was the perfect fit for me.”

It wasn’t until 6 years later, after she had graduated from college herself, that she was able to make the move. And it was also the year that COVID hit. “I worked at LifeWorks Austin doing relief work, worked at a coffee shop,” said Meg. “Then I was hired at BBBS as a Match Support Specialist.”

“I’ve always known about Big Brothers Big Sisters,” said Meg. “My dad was a Big Brother when I was younger. He has always been a mentor in some capacity. Even with 3 kids of his own, he was always active in that role. He would read with youth in low-income areas in Kansas City. He has always loved being that figure in someone’s life. Seeing his passion, and the impact he had on people, really drove me. And I have always wanted to be a part of that. BBBS has always had an impact. Our outcomes are always so positive. It’s hard to deny how effective our program is.”

Meg worked as a Match Support Specialist for about a year and a half before returning to school to get her master’s degree. BBBS’ Volunteer Engagement Manager position opened up shortly after she graduated, and Meg returned to BBBS.

“My main goal in this new role is recruitment,” said Meg. “I am focused on increasing matches and volunteers and decreasing the wait-time for kids to get a match. I’m excited to advocate for this organization. We are already so well-known in Austin, and I want to help us become even more accessible to more people.”

To make more community connections, Meg is excited to partner with Austin-area businesses and organizations. She is in talks with Google and Amazon to present information about our organization and our need for more mentors for their staff.

When not on the job, Meg enjoys exploring new cuisine and spending what she says is “a lot of time” with her dog, a Blue Healer/Australian Shepherd. “He is very pretty, very smart, needs a lot of attention and is very cuddly,” said Meg. “He often falls asleep on my lap.”

If you know of a business or organization that would benefit from knowing more about BBBS, or if you have questions about how you can get involved in supporting our mission, you can reach Meg at We would love to collaborate with you!

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