Something BIG Is Happening!


We’re excited to announce that today Big Brothers Big Sisters of America has launched a bold new brand campaign, “It Takes Little to Be Big,” to challenge the myths and shift the misperceptions about mentoring and to help people understand why, now more than ever, mentorship is so important to the success of kids in our communities.

Today, one in three kids in America is growing up without a consistent, positive adult mentor in their lives and over 200 kids are on our local agency waiting list. The gap between mentorship and the youth who need it most continues to widen due to perceived barriers of the time and expertise needed to become a volunteer.

Understanding this need, our new campaign is intended to inspire more people to become Bigs, donors and supporters to help bridge the gap between people and possibility.

The “It Takes Little to be Big’ campaign features a new PSA and creative content that shows real Bigs and Littles engaging with one another and that reflects the power of little moments that make a big difference. The campaign puts a spotlight on the little moments of mentorship that can make a big impact on the lives of young people.

The campaign will be appearing on social media, in email, on our website, and as a part of our agency activities, materials, and events. Our national organization is working on securing ads and promotional opportunities to generate widespread visibility for this campaign across the country.

There’s lots to come. We’re just getting started, so stay tuned for messages about how you can join this mentoring movement and share your experiences and perspective as we work together to help young people in our communities create their biggest possible futures.

Thank you!

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