Welcoming Our Newest Board members

Join Big Brothers Big Sisters as we welcome four new members to BBBS’ Executive Board of Directors. Nicholas Johnson, PhD, David Cardona, Jayna Duke, and Pippa Song are joining our mission to help kids in our community.

“It was clear from my first meetings with each of these new Board members that they had a heart for our kids, and that they would champion our organization and leverage their talent and experience to advance our mission.” said Evan Spaulding, Executive Board Chair. “We couldn’t be more elated to have them join our team.”

They come from diverse backgrounds and work for very different businesses, but they all have a heart for giving back to the community, and especially for kids. “I met with Evan Spaulding over coffee, and he enthusiastically shared his involvement with BBBS,” said Pippa Song, a Managing Partner with ForestCircle Partners. “My family and I run a 30-year-old education business in South Korea that nurtures and educates young people. When I learned more about the organization’s mission to help young people succeed in life, I found that there is a strong alignment of mission and values between my family and BBBS.”

Jayna Duke, Principal with O’Connell Robertson, also found a link between her family and BBBS’ mission. “I have a lot of family members who were in education. In fact, my father taught high school for over 30 years,” said Jayna. “When he retired, his students threw him a party and there were over 300 students from those 30 years. That event illustrated how the power of a good mentor changes a person’s life. It also made me very aware of the mentors I have had in my life and how pivotal they are to who I am today. It’s clear that BBBS makes sure nobody misses out on the life-changing power of a good mentor.”

Nicholas Johnson, PhD, Chief Technical Officer for OpenJAUS, is a former Big Brother and has been an agency Big of the Year. David Cardona serves as the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for Strangeworks.

“One-to-one mentoring helps build a strong relationship between Bigs and Littles. When we were matched, my Little and I learned a lot from each other!” said Nicholas. “The more time I spent with my Little Brother, the more my belief in the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters grew.”

We are excited to welcome these new members to our Executive Board and we look forward to the special contributions they will make to our work in Central Texas.

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