Meet Our New Board Members

Justin Anderson & Jason Jowers

Meet Our New Board Members

Welcome, welcome, welcome! We are excited to introduce two new members to Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Executive Board of Directors: Justin Anderson and Jason Jowers.

“We are excited to have Justin and Jason as a part of our team,” said Shellie Hayes-McMahon, Chair of BBBS’ Executive Board. “They bring experience, talent, and resources to the agency, but more importantly, they have a heart for mentoring kids.”

Justin Anderson is a Social Media Marketing Director with the National Football League and got connected to the agency in part through his job. The NFL and BBBS have had a partnership at the national level for several years. “I met Artis Stevens, President of BBBS of America, at an NFL event,” said Justin. “I connected with him and learned a lot more about the BBBS program. I was new to Austin, we were still coming out of COVID, I hadn’t really acclimated to the community, and working with BBBS seemed like a great opportunity to connect with Austin.”

Justin identified with a recent BBBS match video which shows one of our Little Brothers receiving an Austin FC jersey.  “My role model was David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs,” said Justin. “Kids look up to these athletes in the spotlight and, given my background in creative sports marketing, my hope is to support the initiatives of BBBS of Central Texas by finding opportunities to expand on the overall impact and presence the organization has on the community.”

Jason Jowers is Vice President of Support Services with Tokyo Electron. During his college years Jason was involved with a BBBS program outside of New York, though he is quick to point out that it was not like the BBBS of Central Texas program. “We didn’t meet every month and it wasn’t one-to-one. Kids were brought to the campus, and we’d hang out for a couple of hours,” said Jason. “When they explained the program here – it’s so much better. That one-to-one time to talk and get to know each other. I thought, that’s a program I want to be a part of.”

“I’ve benefitted from mentors throughout my life. They helped me advance and learn,” said Jason. “That’s what BBBS is doing, what the Bigs are doing. They are helping these Littles, if nothing else, giving them a different way of looking at something.”

“You know, when you experience challenges, it makes a world of difference just having someone with you, whatever you’re dealing with. Just having someone in the room with you. They don’t always have to give advice,” said Jason. “I’m excited to be a part of that, to learn, and to figure out where I can help.”

Welcome Justin and Jason! We’re excited about your involvement with BBBS and we’re looking forward to the ways in which you’ll contribute to the agency’s work.

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