Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Ice VII Award

A force of nature. A quick-spreading impact. Such phrases describe Ice VII, an exotic, fast-growing form of ice which, under the right conditions, spreads so fast it could freeze an entire world within hours. A similar description applies to Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Ice VII award recipients and the expansive reach and influence they have had during the Ice Ball’s 16 years of existence.

They have been forces of nature within the BBBS of Central Texas community for years, innovating during the formative years of the Ice Ball Gala and influencing the event with their hearts and energy. Their impact, and that of the gala, have quickly spread throughout the Austin community.

It is our great honor to announce the Ice VII Award recipients – Carly and Clayton Christopher. They, more than anyone, have had the greatest impact on the rapid growth of this signature event.

Clayton, an Advisory Council member and former Big Brother, joined the volunteer group Helping Austin to put on the very first gala of its kind for BBBS. Since then, Carly and Clayton have rallied the city around BBBS and helped to create the exposure and momentum we see today.

From its humble beginnings in a strip mall event center in 2004 raising $8,000, to today, hosting over 800 attendees at The Fairmont Austin and raising over $850,000, this black-tie affair is an elegant evening that raises the funds needed to create more life-changing friendships between at-risk youth and caring adult mentors.

It is our privilege to present Carly and Clayton Christopher with the Ice VII award in honor of their significant contributions to Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Ice Ball gala.

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