Spotlight on Megan Rodriguez

Megan Rodriguez- 5101

Megan Rodriguez is one of the first people you’ll talk to if you are interested in becoming a volunteer or enrolling your child in BBBS. Cheerful and welcoming, Megan is a customer relations supervisor and one of the first points of contact with the organization.

“We handle both child and volunteer inquiries,” Megan explained. “Sometimes we have to refer callers to other resources, but we always work to help people find what they’re looking for.”

Customer relations supervisors have to be organized, detail-oriented and ready for the unexpected because every day is different. “We have volunteers calling, we get referrals from case workers, and a lot of inquiries come through the website,” Megan said.

Some of the questions asked? Families are often curious about the screening and match-making process, what the outings are like, whether there are costs associated with the program and how long their child might wait to be matched with a Big Brother or Sister. Volunteers are also interested in knowing how long it might take to be matched with a Little Brother or Sister. They are also often interested in understanding the time commitment involved in being a volunteer, what kinds of activities Littles enjoy and what types of kids become Littles. “Sometimes volunteers think we only take certain kinds of kids,” Megan added, “but we accept kids from all types of families, backgrounds, cultures and income levels.”

Megan’s work involves getting everything in order so that families and volunteers can move on to the enrollment process. “Making this connection with families and volunteers is what I enjoy most about my job,” she said.

In addition, Megan gets a lot of satisfaction out of receiving kind comments about the agency. “When checking references, a lot of people will say ‘Oh, I just want to thank you and your organization for doing such a fabulous job,” she said. “It is great knowing that people are aware of what our agency does.”

In her spare time Megan enjoys family time and writing. She is currently working on a children’s book, she also writes articles about local bands, and her favorite dessert is strawberry cheesecake.


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