Spotlight on Nick Vincent

As a Match Support Specialist at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas, Nick Vincent’s primary role is to facilitate communication and connections between families and mentors. He provides approximately ninety matches with practical and logistical support, as well as relationship coaching when the need arises.

In addition to these ongoing responsibilities, Nick also finds great satisfaction in coordinating BBBS’ Brother to Brother (B2B) enrichment program. In B2B, Big Brothers with Littles aged 12 and older have the chance to get to know each other better by participating in quarterly social, recreational and educational activities.

“I really believe that exposure to a wide variety of experiences is vital to helping kids learn about themselves and reach their individual potential,” he says.

Nick’s work has focused on youth development since his college years as a tutor to middle school students. Before coming to BBBS in 2017, he also worked with the Austin Independent School District and the Boys and Girls Club of Austin.

“Working with the Boys and Girls Club taught me a lot about child development,” he says. “I learned a lot about how to address and adapt to the needs of kids at different ages with different emotional and intellectual needs.”

During his time working with teenagers in the program, Nick also became more aware of the importance of helping them develop strong work and life skills, skills like social and emotional maturity, effective problem-solving and goal-setting.

“These skills are so important to the long-term mission of helping kids be successful in whatever path they chose,” he says. “My work with teens definitely helped shape my view on developing the B2B program here at BBBS.”

Nick strives to develop B2B events that provide exposure to recreational activities and educational interests that Littles may want to pursue, as well as offering opportunities for them to develop less tangible, but equally important work and life skills.

For example, at the recent B2B BarberComm event, Bigs and Littles enjoyed the unique social setting of a neighborhood barber shop with other matches, while also gaining exposure to a possible career path and insight into the “patience, diligence and hard work needed to start a business and sustain it,” says Nick.

Perhaps most importantly, Bigs and Littles deepen their bonds of friendship as all these memorable, experiential learning opportunities are taking place.

“Helping matches find value and fun in their relationships is such an important part of my role as a Match Support Specialist,” he says.

When he’s not busy in the BBBS offices, Nick can often be found enjoying the outdoors, making excursions to a number of state parks, including Bastrop, Buescher, Pedernales and McKinney Falls. Jacob’s Well and Blue Hole in Wimberley are also a couple of Nick’s favorite spots to swim and cool off as summer starts heating up.

His newest outdoor recreational interest is the Japanese ‘reel-less’ fly fishing method known as Tenkara.

“I appreciate the simplicity of it,” he says. “I’m looking forward to learning more about it.”

In his professional role on the front lines at BBBS, Nick makes it possible for Bigs and Littles to explore valuable new experiences and learning opportunities. Facilitating communication and connections as well, his work is central to BBBS’ mission to ignite the power and promise of youth.

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