Workplace Readiness Workshop

In keeping with its goals of preparing students for life after high school, BBBS’ Big Futures program provides workshops for mentees and their mentors that are designed to help them build the skills needed for entering the workforce or starting their college careers. One such training on Workplace Readiness was recently provided by former Big Brother Anthony Alampi, founder of X Factor Consultants.

Held virtually, the online training offered mentees the opportunity to learn basic job preparedness skills. Anthony covered topics such as how to assess your skills, where to find a job, how to prepare a resume, how to prepare for a job interview, and much more.

“We talked about each student’s skills, interests and goals, and how those elements factor into selecting a job and a career,” Anthony said. “We also talked about the kinds of jobs each of them wanted, because the first job doesn’t have to be the end-all and their career goals will change over time. With that information in mind, we then covered the application process – how to apply for a job and what they could expect.”

Anthony made the session fun, while helping participants identify their interests, and pointing out how their interests and hobbies can translate into job skills. Students also learned that they can begin to develop the skills and experiences that will help them get a job while they are still in high school.

This is the second time this workshop has been offered, and Big Futures Coordinator, Christina Eisenlord, plans to offer the course annually.

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X Factor Consultants is a website and app development company based in Round Rock, Texas that creates user-friendly websites and apps, as well as logos, digital media, and other marketing materials for a wide range of nonprofits and businesses. Learn more at:

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