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They may be dressed as zombies, cowboys, space aliens or pirates, but regardless of the costume, Bart Sasam and his Arm co-workers mean business when it comes to Big Brothers Big Sisters and Bowl for Kids. For 8 years this crew has made BBBS’ Bowl for Kids a corporate event of choice, and each year they’ve raised more funds to help kids achieve their potential. This year Bart is also leading the charge as the 2019 event Chair.

“Bowl for Kids is one of our favorite events,” said Bart, Information Developer at Arm. “We’ll typically have 20 to 30 employees sign up to participate. We definitely have a heart for BBBS’ mission.”

Like many Arm employees, Bart wears several ‘company hats’ when it comes to his job responsibilities. One of these is Team Arm Champion. “I organize volunteer events, community outreach events and team-building/people-building events in Austin,” said Bart. “We’re always involved in Bowl for Kids. We’ve also helped Habitat for Humanity, and you’ll often find our employees helping out at the Central Texas Food Bank.”

Such activities are part of Arm’s larger commitment to the 17 Global Goals agreed to by United Nations world leaders to make the world a better place by 2030. Arm actively encourages employees to connect with the community and to take part in activities to achieve these goals.

“Oftentimes we have events and we have a hard time getting people to donate to them,” said Bart. “But people are very willing to raise money for Bowl for Kids. Last year we were an event sponsor, and we also raised over $6,000 in contributions.”

While Bart is not sure how Arm initially got connected with BBBS, there’s no doubt the employees get enthused about supporting the agency’s work. “Ultimately, people want to belong and to give back,” said Bart. “Bowl for Kids is a very fun and easy way to make a difference in people’s lives.”

“We connect with BBBS’ mission as a whole,” he continued. “Most of us have had a mentor or two who were strong figures in our lives and that resonates well with the folks who participate in this event. Even if we can’t be mentors ourselves, we want to help that mentoring relationship happen.”

It’s fostering more mentoring relationships that the team sees as positively impacting the community where they live and work. “I think I speak for all of our employees when I say that we all see the impact mentoring has, and can have,” said Bart. “Even the smallest action can change a life. To be able to link a Big and a Little, which can positively impact a child’s mindset and outlook on life ­­– that makes a huge difference.”

For Arm, doing good also makes good business sense. “It’s great getting our employees talking to one another,” said Bart. “I know that’s not the focus of Bowl for Kids, but as a business, we really value the opportunity for our employees to network between departments. I mean, just carpooling to the event itself builds camaraderie. And this year there’s the Bowl for Kids Industry Bowl where companies can network with other companies in the same industry while they bowl.”

From Bart’s perspective, the whole event is a win-win for businesses. “Bowl for Kids is a really fun event, with a low-cost entry point, and a big impact,” said Bart. “I would challenge other businesses to participate if they want to get their employees involved in the community and if they want to give them a fun opportunity to take a break from the everyday stress at work.”

Bart’s favorite part of the event? “I really enjoy the event themes. Last year it was pirates. This year it’s dinosaurs,” said Bart. “People really go all out on their costumes, which is a lot of fun and creates a relaxed environment. But the best part for me is connecting with my co-workers and teammates, because we don’t often have that chance.”

Silly costumes, bowling, business camaraderie, industry networking, and the opportunity to make a life-changing difference for kids in the community – as Bart and his Arm co-workers realize, it all comes together at Bowl for Kids. Grab your best prehistoric outfit and join us this year!

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