Little Brother. Big Gardener.

He may be a Little Brother at BBBS, but Ian is giving back to the community in BIG ways.

Through his non-profit organization, Ian’s Giving Garden, he works to reduce hunger in the community by offering free access to fresh produce, education and empowerment to those in need.

Ian began by installing just one small garden and fruit orchard at his elementary school in 2013 to provide free food to schoolmates struggling with food scarcity. But he didn’t stop there. In addition to creating additional school and community gardens, he’s increased his impact by offering gardening and nutrition education, and organizing community dinners for hundreds of Austinites in need.

Not surprisingly, Ian’s contributions to the well-being of the community have been recognized through numerous awards and grants. Most recently, he was the recipient of a Sodexo Sustainability Grant, named a Prudential Spirit of Community State Honoree for Texas, recognized as a 1st Place Winner by RecognizeGood Say Thanks, Austin, and admitted into the Disney Dreamers Academy.

We’re proud of your hard work and inspired by your passion, Ian!

To learn more about how Bigs, Littles, families and BBBS supporters can support the mission of Ian’s Giving Garden, visit his website at or follow him on social media at and

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