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Dear Friends,

As if the pandemic was not enough, Central Texas has had to deal with an unprecedented ice storm that left thousands stranded and lacking basic necessities. I can’t even begin to adequately express my sorrow for all that some of you have experienced due to the lack of power, lack of water, plus damage caused by broken pipes.

A lot of people are in a difficult place – physically, emotionally, financially. This is particularly true for many of our BBBS families who were already resource-challenged. Many of them have been hit particularly hard and will struggle to recover. During these times of increased isolation and stress – the kids we serve are at even greater risk of experiencing extreme anxiety, depression, and a sense of disconnection.

Even during good times, BBBS’ kids face challenges at higher rates than the average young person. But mentors and staff make a tremendous difference, offering support to families and Littles by checking on them, offering supplies, directing them to resources, and providing an important personal connection. What we do is essential.

In the weeks ahead we will continue to support our BBBS family of students, mentors, staff and supporters. At the same time, we must also continue the work of raising much-needed funds for the organization. Not everyone is in a position to give during these times of crisis, and we respect that, however others are looking for a way to help.

Our families need us now more than ever. Amplify Austin is next week, however early giving has already begun. Our emphasis on this campaign is not intended to be insensitive to the needs of those who are just trying to survive right now. It’s intended to help us help those who are less fortunate, and our call to action is intended for those who are in a position to pay it forward and who want to provide critical support for vulnerable children and families in our community.

Amplify Austin donations to BBBS make help for the most vulnerable possible. They allow BBBS to maintain and support the vital, life-changing mentoring relationships we facilitate and professionally support. As BBBS is being called upon to offer even more support to families in our community, we ask the community to continue to support to BBBS.

We know that we are all in this together, and that even small expressions of support can yield big impacts. We also hold on to one undeniable truth, that though recent events impact many, they do not affect everyone equally. The vulnerable children and families served by BBBS are facing increased anxiety, stress, fear, and worry during these uncertain times. Our work cannot stop.

Our families cannot take “a break” from these troubles, and our work must continue as well.

You can help by donating to BBBS through the Amplify Austin campaign this week. If you are in a position to give, please consider a gift in any amount. Your support makes a significant difference, now and for years to come.

Thank you,

Brent Fields, CEO Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas


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