Lexi and Yahairra: The Art of Connection

Being connected is, of course, a huge part of being in a Big Brothers Big Sisters match. COVID has been a challenge to match relationships in general, and the pandemic has impacted BBBS’ Littles a great deal. But our Bigs always seem to find ways to reach out to their Littles and to overcome whatever obstacles may land in their paths. For Littles, this consistency and stability can have a life-changing impact.

For Big Sister Lexi and Little Sister Yahairra, who began their match virtually, their connection was recently put to the test when Yahairra was confined to the hospital for 3 weeks. She had an infection and, consequently, her Big Sister was not allowed to visit.

In place of a visit and to cheer her Little Sister up, Lexi sent a painting kit. “Some of our favorite outings have been the Escape Room Challenge and pottery class,” said Lexi. “I like trying new things with Yaya. We both love art, so painting and pottery-making together have been fun activities.”

The painting kit was a big hit, and Yahairra loved the surprise. And though the two had been keeping in touch via texting and calling, one of the first things Yahairra wanted to do when she got out of the hospital was to see her Big Sister.

“That made me a little emotional,” said Lexi. “I’m so glad to hear it. We always have fun, so after a hospital stay, I definitely want her to be able to have a good time.”

Matched in July of 2021, the pair have seen their connection grow to the point that they are now discussing future opportunities. “Yaya has opened up more since we were first matched,” said Lexi. “Now we talk about school and future career paths. I hope these conversations encourage her to look forward to all of the possibilities in her life.”

At a time when relationships are more important than ever, BBBS continues to support Bigs as they make a difference in the lives of kids in the community.

“BBBS is a fantastic program that enables relationships to be formed between people who might not otherwise cross paths in life,” said Lexi. “Getting to know people with different life experiences benefits not just the Big and Little, but also their families and friends, as well as the greater community.”

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