Christina & Isis: Better Together

Relationships are central to Big Brothers Big Sisters’ work. And through the years, many changes happen to our Littles and Bigs. Not only does a mentor make a long-term positive impact on the life of a child, but a mentor can also go through their own growth because of the relationship as well.

“It’s been absolutely rewarding watching my Little Sister, Isis, grow,” Big Sister Christina said. “From being a foot shorter than me when she was 7, to being many inches taller than me now at 12! She’s also grown so much mentally and emotionally; she’s matured so much. Being a part of a child’s life for this long and continuing to build great memories together has been an honor and so much fun. I’ve learned and grown so much from this experience too over the years.”

Many volunteers cite “wanting to give back” as their main reason for getting involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas. It’s no surprise that many of our mentors soon find out that they get back from our program just as much as they give.

Christina, who began our program as a young single professional, is now married with a toddler, advancing in her career, and she credits Isis’ growing strength as her motivation.

“I think being a Big has made me more considerate, patient, and creative,” Christina said. “There are many fun new experiences that I’ve had with my Little that I don’t think I would have even had otherwise.”

One of Christina’s favorite memories with Isis involves going to the library together to read books, and gradually realizing that her Little was growing before her eyes.

“When she was younger, Isis would read aloud while we lay on comfy cushions on the library floor,” she said. “I remember being amazed at how much her reading grew as she progressed in school. I was so proud of her! And now we chat about what books she’s reading at school all the time. It’s exciting to see the intelligent, well-rounded, thoughtful, and talented young woman Isis is becoming, and I’m grateful to be a part of her life!”

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