Serving Up a Good Time: The BIG Draw

For over 25 years, Jayna Duke has had a passion for volleyball. As a Principal at O’Connell Robertson and as a Big Brothers Big Sisters Executive Board Member, Jayna has since developed a passion for giving back to her community. Combining her two passions lead her to create and organize The BIG Draw event.

The BIG Draw is a blind team draw volleyball tournament with a mission to connect the world of beach volleyball with organizations that positively impact the community, in much the same way that volleyball has impacted the lives of those who love the sport.

“Volleyball has been a huge part of my life,” Jayna said. “I look back on it, and some of the biggest, most impactful things have come out of it; I met my husband; it’s where I met all my best friends and developed most of our social life; it’s just had such a positive impact. So, when I thought about how to contribute back to Big Brothers Big Sisters in a meaningful way, I thought about the volleyball community; it’s such a broad, diverse, and supportive community.”

The format of the blind draw intentionally fosters community by randomly pairing 6 players of various skill levels together. Each team will be evenly matched with high-level and low-level players. Because volleyball is a collaborative and fun sport, Jayna expects everyone to make at least five new friends by the end of the day.

“Volleyball exemplifies teamwork, since the most skilled player on the court can only succeed as much as they can support their least experienced teammate,” Jayna explained. “If we approach our communities with this mindset, we can create a brighter future for all. Our goal is to establish lasting connections and inspire engagement and awareness of the two organizations, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas, and A Teacher’s Gift.”

This will be the 2nd BIG Draw tournament. Jayna is hoping to grow and continue the event annually. As a longtime supporter of BBBS, she wants to inspire others to join her in supporting our mission.

“This year we’ve got a goal of raising $25,000, which is significant to us,” Jayna said. “I want to give back to BBBS because when I think about the people that have been there for me and their influence on my life, I think about how Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas is doing just that for kids in our community. Making sure every kid has at least that one person in their life that can be there for them is so important to our community overall.”

The BIG Draw will be held Saturday, October 21 at Aussies Grill & Beach Bar from 9 am – 6 pm. It’ll be a guaranteed good time for a great cause! Funds raised will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas, and A Teacher’s Gift.

To learn more about The BIG Draw and to reserve your spot, visit

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