Join The Celebration: Our New 50th Anniversary Web Page

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas began as the dream of a few concerned men in Austin who wanted to help fatherless boys reach their true potential, rather than end up in the juvenile justice system. This year, the organization is celebrating its 50th anniversary. That’s right! BBBS of Central Texas is celebrating 50 years of service to children and families in the Austin area. In recognition of this important milestone, we have created and launched an online meeting place to celebrate all things anniversary-related – a 50th anniversary web page. We invite you to go to and check it out!

As we reflect on our history, celebrate our achievements, and allow this moment to inspire an even brighter future for our mission, we want to share the legacy we’ve been so fortunate to inherit, and that you have played a role in helping to create. You are an important part of our story.

Our new web page includes places for visitors to share their memories and thoughts about the impact that BBBS has had on their lives, on the lives of others, and on the community as a whole. This is a celebration, a moment in time, and a conversation that is best shared. We want to hear from you.

“It is so much fun to take a look back at the photos, remember key milestones, read the community comments and stories, and learn about so many of the people who have had a hand in making BBBS what it is today,” said Brent Fields, BBBS CEO. “This page will allow us to come together in a very special way. And that’s what BBBS is, and has always been, about. Bringing people together. Creating meaningful connections.”

An animated timeline with historical photos highlights key milestones and moments in BBBS’ history. It’s a great way to see the evolution of an organization that has impacted so many lives throughout these last 50 years.

Visit the page to see early photos of matches created when BBBS was a fledgling organization serving about 25 boys. Or photos from past Bowl for Kids and Ice Ball events. We’ve definitely seen some fashion changes throughout the years!

Most of all enjoy the smiles, and the impact, as you see Bigs and Littles enjoying time together. Moments that reflect the life-changing power of mentorship. Moments that we have been creating, together, for more than 5 decades.

In addition to photos, stories and highlights, our anniversary web page provides a “by the numbers” look at the organization’s impact. Everything from funds raised at Ice Ball or through the Giving Society, to Scholarship funds promised to Littles, and families impacted.

You may be surprised to learn, for instance, that BBBS has matched more than 42,000 children in its 50-year history. An amazing statistic considering that the organization began by mentoring 5 boys. And, that BBBS’ volunteers have provided over 2,500,000 hours of time to their mentees.

“BBBS stories are so powerful and give such insight into our organization and the difference it’s making in the lives of children and families every day,” said Brenda Lindfors, BBBS VP of Marketing. “Our 50th anniversary web page provides a great platform for sharing these stories, and for connecting, engaging and rallying our entire BBBS family, and the community as a whole, around our work and our mission, as we celebrate the past and think about the future.”

As an added bonus, our agency website and anniversary web page now feature a new online store where visitors can shop for BBBS and anniversary-related merchandise. Funds raised through online store purchases will be used to fund more matches! The online store is a first for our agency. It will provide a convenient way for visitors, both far and near, to support our organization, help children in our community, and show their love for BBBS.

Specialty items include t-shirts, mugs, water bottles and caps. Take the opportunity to purchase a useful, quality item that will support more mentoring relationships. It’s a win-win for all!

Read a story, share a story, purchase some BBBS items, and connect with BBBS in a whole new way at’ll come away with a whole new appreciation for the special contributions that BBBS of Central Texas, and our supporters, partners, families, staff, volunteers, donors, and friends have made to the Austin community for over 50 years.

Now, on to the next 50!

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