Spotlight on Lisa Robertson

Joey, Lindsey, Lisa and Mike

If you are familiar with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas, you are familiar with the outstanding work of Lisa Robertson, who has been BBBS’ Senior Marketing Specialist since 2015. During her time with the agency, she has produced a wide range of materials for the organization.

Almost every piece of agency collateral has been created by, or with, Lisa. Her work has included brochures, posters, and even specialty items such as the medals for the Promising Futures Scholarship Ceremony. She has created forms, handbooks, AV materials, videos, and documents for all of the agency’s various departments, for the Big Futures program, for onboarding and training new mentors, and so much more. In addition, she has also created more than 200 stories and articles for BBBS. Most of the stories on the blog and in our newsletters have been written by her. These pieces are really important in helping us share our agency’s mission and impact with the community.

Lisa first gained an interest in mass communications when she attended the University of Texas in San Antonio. It was there that she took her first general communications course and became interested in using her American Studies degree with a concentration in English to pursue a path in journalism.

After college, Lisa worked at small-town newspapers in both Luling, Texas, and Tyler, Texas where she further developed her writing and journalistic skills. She went on to work for the Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc. for 16 years in both communications and design. She also created and gave community and city council presentations regarding the work the cooperative was doing in the community.

A close friend of Lisa’s and a longtime BBBS supporter, Connie Nelson, told her about a job opening with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Lisa immediately applied for the role and fell in love with the organization.

“BBBS’ work is very powerful. There are some amazing stories out there regarding life-changing moments and relationships for our kids and their Bigs,” Lisa said.

Lisa’s favorite part of her work has been that of interviewing matches for videos and written stories, as well as sharing BBBS’ mission with her friends, many of whom have joined the mentoring program.

“Really just any match story is my favorite. I love hearing about them because each one is so unique,” Lisa said. “I love getting to talk with our Bigs and learning about the impact our program has had on both them and their Little. I’ve really enjoyed the stories where I’ve also gotten to talk to a Little Brother or Sister as well to find out what they’ve enjoyed about the match relationship.”

In addition to her time at BBBS, Lisa worked at Riverbend Church where she did marketing, wrote for, and produced a magazine, created videos, and directed and edited service recordings as the head of the TV ministry program.

“Out of writing, video, and design work, writing is what I prefer. It feels so satisfying to complete a story and I think it’s the area I’m the most skilled at even though I may struggle with it.”

While Lisa has written hundreds of articles for BBBS, she has also been working on her own fictional novels, one a murder mystery and the other a film noir style piece. She has also written many short stories and has always had a deep passion for reading and writing.

“I love writing and I am trying to be better about setting aside time for it but sometimes it’s just hard getting myself to follow through,” Lisa said. “My daughter Lindsey inspires me and encourages me to continue my writing projects. She’s actually a screenwriter working on a couple of movies right now.”

Along with writing, Lisa loves to travel with her husband Mike, visit her daughter out of state, spend time with her 2-year-old mini poodle puppy, do house and yardwork, and support the UT Women’s Basketball team.

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