NFL Partnership: The BIG Draft

Something BIG is coming in February and it has the potential to change our community forever. It’s The BIG Draft, a special partnership between Big Brothers Big Sisters and the NFL, and it all starts February 14.

While the NFL is drafting it’s next generation of players, we’re drafting the next generation of Bigs. This partnership is an initiative to recruit more Bigs, particularly men, and to generate additional awareness for BBBS and the need for mentors. The campaign uses football-related language and coincides with NFL-related activities to entice more people to become Bigs to ‘help level the playing field for kids in our community’.

Today, only 1 in 3 kids in America is growing up with a mentor. We’re teaming up with the NFL to ensure that access to opportunity is a reality for all.

The campaign officially kicks off on February 14, the day after the Super Bowl. It will continue with promotion and recruitment leading up to the NFL Draft on April 28. The campaign will include social media and email promotion, as well as a dedicated web page where ‘new recruits’ (potential Bigs) can go to get more information and start the enrollment process –

Stay tuned for more exciting activity and information to come!

If you want to get ahead of the game, go to to find out more about how to become a Big in the Central Texas area and start helping kids in our community.

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