Our 2023 Ice VII Awardees: Lori & Mark Ramseur

They may be the first to say they’re “undeserving” of any recognition, however, as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas leaders and benefactors for more than 10 years, Lori and Mark Ramseur are more than worthy of being honored as this year’s Ice Ball 2023 Ice VII Award recipients.

Lori’s and Mark’s involvement with our organization began with a desire to give back. Mark was looking for an organization to be part of, when Mark Isaak, a work colleague and friend who was also a member of BBBS’ Executive Board, encouraged him to learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters. BBBS’ focus on helping children achieve their full potential resonated with Lori and Mark, who wanted to make a difference for kids.

Over the years, they have supported Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas in many ways. Mark served on BBBS’ Executive Board from 2013 – 2018 and he was Board Chair in 2015. His company, Pape-Dawson Engineers, has participated in and supported both Bowl for Kids and Ice Ball.

Lori and Mark served as Bowl for Kids event Chairs in 2017, and they have been part of the Ice Ball Host Committee since 2013. They also contributed to BBBS’ capital campaign in 2016, and they continue to be major donors.

And although their family has experienced challenges of their own, they have continued to contribute their time, skills, resources, and talents to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Lori and Mark’s first son, Jackson “Jack” Ramseur, lived with severe epilepsy. Dealing with seizures became a regular event for their family and for Jack, yet Jack always remained happy. He shone his light on the world for 20 years before passing away in 2013, not long after they became involved with BBBS.

“Jackson is our story,” Lori said. “In celebration of his beautiful life, we have just honored his memory with an endowment for medical research at the Dell Children’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center.”

And Jack’s spirit lives on with his family’s acts of kindness, and the good they create.

Lori and Mark are great advocates for our mission, and great role models for giving back.

“We’ve learned from generous leaders like Laura and Kyndel Bennett, and Sara and Dick Rathgeber,” Mark said. “The act of giving back is something we want to pass down to our children, as well. We’ve been so blessed and so fortune that giving back just makes sense.”

Their most recent act of generosity? A lead Fund a Friendship gift of $25,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters’ 2023 Ice Ball gala.

It costs $1,250 to fund a life-changing mentoring relationship for a child for a year. With hundreds of children who are looking for the opportunity to be matched with a mentor of their own, Fund A Friendship donations allow us to provide kids with the one-to-one support they need to succeed in life.

“Fund A Friendship is the best way to give because you get kids off the waitlist,” Lori said. “We love it because the results are proven. Children with mentors are more likely to improve their grades, avoid early parenting, and go on to attend college. We want to help keep that going.”

We’re delighted to present Lori and Mark Ramseur with the 2023 Ice VII Award. Because when it comes to making a difference in our world, we share the Ramseur’s view on giving back.

“We’ve always just done what needs to be done,” said Lori. “We give because it makes sense… not for any recognition, but to help where we can. Our approach to giving is ‘Why not?’ You can’t take it (the money) with you! So, we choose to sprinkle it like seeds and see what grows. And, in the process, we hope that we can be an example and an inspiration for others as well.”

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